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Biography: Chris Christie

October 19, 2012

Chris Christie

Chris Christie

Who is he: Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey and is considered, sooner or later, a possible presidential candidate.

Chris Christie is seen as a strong law and order official and a committed conservative with an emphasis on pruning back government spending. He has a history in politics that culminated (prior to his governorship) as chief federal law enforcement officer in New Jersey. Here he earned praise from leaders in both parties and drew national attention for his efforts in battling political corruption, corporate crime, human trafficking, gangs, terrorism and polluters.

Christie led a widely acclaimed charge against public corruption. Regardless of party affiliation or political influence, when laws were broken Christie took action. His office racked up a winning record, gaining convictions or guilty pleas from over 130 public officials – both Republican and Democrat – without losing a single case.

Some of Christie’s most notable cases involved some of the worst in New Jersey. He fought against gang violence when he prosecuted 45 members of the Double II Bloods; he fought against child pornography when he helped bring down 1500 child pornographers worldwide; he once stood up to polluters who neglected their obligation to our environment.

One of Christie’s finest moments was when he led the team that thwarted terrorists’ plans to attack our military men and women at Fort Dix. While each of Christie’s cases made a difference for New Jersey, he earned widespread praise for bringing down some of the most corrupt in New Jersey politics.

Of course, those who are libertarian-conservative might take issue with some of Chris Christie’s accomplishments. First of all, the American legal system is broken in that it allows prosecutors tremendous power as indicated by Christie’s winning record. He obviously took full advantage of that power, which makes him a kind of legal bully.

Christie fought against gang violence – but gangs are part of the fabric of New Jersey because the war on drugs fuels gangs with tremendous possible profits. Christie apparently did not campaign against the war on drugs, but he was willing to put the results – violent, young felons – in jail.

Chris Christie stood up against child pornography but what his official bio doesn’t reveal is that many people are prosecuted and put in jail for years based on having pictures of children on their computer. They have done no harm to anyone and have only pictures to establish their guilt. The corruption of incarcerating such people only proves the bankruptcy of a judicial system Christie seems to feel comfortable with.

Christie also seems to feel that his thwarting alleged terrorists’ plans to attack Fort Dix is a “fine moment” in his career, despite considerable evidence that the FBI played a large part in organizing the attack. There is a good deal of suspicion that those involved were thus “entrapped.” Christie doesn’t seem to care.

Chris Christie is a man that Republicans are desperate to have run for president. Christie jails gang members but doesn’t speak out on the war on drugs and larger issues. He puts people in jail for decades for having pictures of children on their computers. He incarcerates “terrorists” who may have entrapped by the FBI.

Christie is no role model, nobody to look up to, no one to lead the country forward. He is another George W. Bush, interested only in feeding Leviathan in his own way. Christie may be popular with Republicans for his austerity measures in New Jersey, but in the larger scheme of things he would only drive the country further into authoritarianism and militarism.

Background: Born in Newark and raised in Livingston, Christopher James “Chris” Christie has lived in New Jersey his entire life. Christie and his wife of 22 years, Mary Pat, now reside in Mendham, where they are raising their four children, Andrew, Sarah, Patrick and Bridget.

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 1984, Christie graduated from Seton Hall University School of Law in 1987. Chris joined a Cranford law firm and soon was named a partner. He was elected a Freeholder in Morris County, and served as Director of the Board in 1997. Christie was named US Attorney for the District of New Jersey in 2002.

Chris Christie currently serves as governor of New Jersey.


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