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What if Ron Paul Had Danced The Mambo Live on TV? Would He Have Won?

August 30, 2014

I am of the humble opinion that if former Congressman Ron Paul had danced the mambo with his wife live on television he would have won the 2012 presidential elections. I know image should not be everything, but unfortunately, I know too well that Ron Paul for many urban youth came off as someone from the rural South who wanted to go back to the good old days. I know that this is not who Ron Paul is, but maybe if he would have danced the mambo with his wife live on television he probably would have captured the attention of many Latinos who didn’t even bother to look his way. Sometimes you have to jazz things up a bit. Talking about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution all day can put people to sleep and while I support all those things, sometimes people need a break. I understand that Dr. Paul is visiting college campuses these days and relating to a lot of youth, unfortunately, I have yet to hear of Dr. Paul visiting a campus anywhere near a major city such as the one I live in. So perhaps Dr. Paul should dance the mambo live on television, its never too late and its music from his era. Listen to the wonderful sounds of Tito Puente below.

Now you might think or say something foolish like “white men dont dance mambo” and you would be one hundred percent wrong. Many “whites” danced the mambo in the 1950s, from Italians to Jews to African-Americans, the mambo was the hottest scene in places like New York City. Not to mention that many great mambo and other latin music greats were white men, Larry Harlow, who as a young Jewish kid in Brooklyn was forced to take piano lessons took his talents and became one of the hottest pianists in the Latin music scene for many decades. Enjoy the scenes below of people of all races, yes many white men and women of all ethnic groups gyrating their hips the way God intended for them to do. So I believe if Ron Paul would dance the mambo with his wife on national television, many more people would be open to learning about Austrian economics and libertarian ideals. Enjoy!


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