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Internment Camps: U.S. Government Field Manual

August 21, 2014

When you watch these videos about the internment camps that the United States government has prepared for us, please keep in mind the following quote from the book Fascism and Capitalism by a great leader of liberty named Lew Rockwell (2013):

“In the fight against fascism, there is no reason to be despairing. We must continue to fight with every bit of confidence that the future belongs to us and not them. Their world is falling apart. Ours is just being built. Their world is based on bankrupt ideologies. Ours is rooted in the truth about freedom and reality. Their world can only look back to the glory days. Ours looks forward to the future we are building for ourselves. Their world is rooted in the corpse of the nation-state. Our world draws on the energies and creativity of all peoples in the world, united in the great and noble project of creating a prospering civilization through peaceful human cooperation. Its true that they have the biggest guns. But big guns have not assured permanent victory in Iraq or Afghanistan–or any other places on the planet” (p. 26).


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