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The Propagandist Views of Paul Craig Roberts on Hugo Chavez

August 4, 2014

I recently suffered another disappointment with another author whom I thought I would read his new book because he has been on the Alex Jones Show and has had his articles featured on only to find out that Mr. Paul Craig Roberts holds some extreme leftist views. He is definitely not a libertarian nor anarcho-capitalist nor has he ever lived in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez. Extremists are called as such because they believe that an enemy of the USG must be a good guy and that is an extreme view to have. Putin is an enemy of the United States, but that doesn’t make him a great guy. I just read his self-potrait and it is actually quite boring and I learned a bit about how Russians dont really believe in live and let live. As a former KGB agent, he admitted that it was through the help of the Russian citizenry, what we here would call snitches, who would report on each other all the time, is how the KGB was able to accomplish their intelligence work. How about that? What the USG is trying to get us to do, snitch on our neighbors.

Chavez is also not a great leader by default of him being an enemy of Washington. He is no miracle as Roberts suggests but simply your typical run of the mill dictator. Roberts shares how Chavez has received honorary doctorates from China, Russia, Brazil, and other countries, but not from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, and Oxford. This is laughable and yet another author named Bill Blum had the nerve to call me juvenile. The countries that have given Chavez honorary doctorates are all countries that are grateful to the dictator for providing them oil for almost nothing, with the exception of Russia that does not need his oil. Roberts has the nerve to say that Chavez did not sell out to the elites and had he done so he would be a wealthy man. This is an astounding comment to make, be clear ladies and gentleman that Chavez died a wealthy man. Having lived out his dream of ruling a country, taking other peoples businesses, sleeping with Naomi Campbell and having movie stars like Sean Penn as his invited guest. It is true that Chavez was not a puppet of the United States, but he was also no real threat to the United States militarily either. Chavez purchased eight Soviet Sukhoi jet fighters and sacrificed his men by allowing them to hop in equipment they did not know how to work and as a result several of them crash landed and died. As far as Chavez and his wealth goes, this dictator was going live on television as some dictatorial robin hood expropriating the businesses of private citizens. Check out the videos below:

Since Mr. Paul Craig Roberts comes on RT and all these other wonderful show as a defender of liberty and the Constitution, what about the Venezuelan Constitution? Mr. Roberts dedicates an article in his new book to a dictator who doesnt give a whip about the Venezuelan Constitution. What you will see above is, simultaneously with Chavez expropriating private property, is that Article 112 of the Venezuelan Constitution, which Chavez would often wipe his ass with, says, “The State will promote private initiatives, the creation and just distribution of wealth…the right to work, own businesses, engage in commerce and industry…”

Chavez won in 2003 in a fair and square election, yes I will give extremists that one, boy do they love to harp on that one. They dont tell you, that like Obama, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing in 2003 and revealed himself afterwards once he made himself president for life and expropriated jewelry businesses, the rice producing industries, banks, television new stations, including one that belonged to Colombia. So he stole other peoples wealth and he didn’t die a wealthy man Mr. Roberts? So what did he do give it all to the poor of Venezuela? Is that your argument? Mr. Roberts are you going to tell me that Chavez gave out oil money to the poor? He gave cheap and almost free oil to China, Brazil, Argentina and Cuba, but he definitely didn’t hand out any free oil or its proceeds to the poor by any stretch of the imagination.

Paul Craig Roberts tells you that Chavez was elected four times again, the same extremist and oversimplified propaganda as Bill Blum. Chavez was elected fairly the first time where he came in as a good little sheep who would do right by his people. Once he took power he got rid of all of his opponents in Congress, either by jailing them or some other political play and put all his supporters in every single government position available. He expropriated or liquidated any media news source that didn’t support his policies. So all his subsequent elections were manipulated. With South America being the land of manipulated elections, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts is going to have the nerve to write that Venezuela is the exception. Lets ask Mr. Roberts, where was he during 2003 up until 2013? Certainly not living in Venezuela. The RT channel puts people like Roberts and Blum on because they don’t care about truth and justice, they are aligned with Chavez and all they do is sell anti-US propaganda all day long so they can create chaos and social unrest in this country which I am afraid the US government is actually helping further it along.

Mr. Roberts criticizes the New York Times and yet he is a columnist for which newspaper? The Wall Street Journal. We all know how the Wall Street Journal is anti-state, anti-Keynesian and pro-free market, right?

Mr. Roberts criticizes Pamela Sampson’s judgment that Chavez wasted Venezuela’s oil wealth on “social programs including state-run food markets, cash benefits for poor families, free health clinics and education programs..” and she is right. Mr. Roberts are you having some fantasies about living in a socialist system? We already have one right here under Obama, its just more fascist than socialist. Mr. Roberts people would look at you as say you are more “American” than me because of your light skin, light hair color and light eyes and look at me as un-American with my often confused for Middle Eastern features and yet sir you dont seem to have been born and raised in the United States with those views. The United States was never founded on “state-run” anything and it seems you are now accustomed to cash benefits for the poor which we were not originally founded on that either. Free health clinics and education programs are initiatives for the private sector. Government cant give you anything for free without taking it from somebody else. I am amazed that your articles appear on, a libertarian publication. I am really starting to get concerned about that.

I have yet to hear or see a voice of reason here in the United States on the issue of Hugo Chavez. Although I am sure that Lew Rockwell himself has a clue when he posted that Chavez was building more prisons. In addition to building more prisons, he has taken private property, enriched himself and his family, I would agree with Mr. Rockwell that Chavez is very “American” in the U.S. Empire sort of way.

Now let me clear, lest I be accused of being some type of right winger that I am a non-interventionist. I believe we should have peaceful relations with all the countries of the world including Venezuela, there is no exception to that rule. The reason I point out what I pointed out is because, apparently among columnists on Lew Rockwell’s blog and other sources of media in the United States there is a lack of inside knowledge to the wonderful wacky world of living under Chavez in Venezuela, so its up to my family and I to be that voice of balance. I am tired of hearing leftists and those who claim libertarianism to place Chavez in a role that he does not deserve. Chavez was no different than Obama and if you believe all governments are evil then stop making statements like, “well at least Chavez didnt do this…” No he may not have done that, but he has done plenty to enrich himself and impoverish his nation. How is that qualitatively different than what Obama has done?

I want to post here the one voice of reason I am happy to see on and that is an author named Bill Anderson:

“One of the things that Mises emphasized in his critique of socialism was that the real problem was in the economic calculation for the factors of production. Because mainstream economists tend either to be clueless about factors or to assume the factors into market supply and demand functions, they miss one of the central reasons as to why socialism fails.

The government of Venezuela under Hugo Chavez nationalized the oil companies awhile back and, surprise, surprise, production has fallen severely. In 1998 before Chavez assumed power, production stood at 3.2 million barrels a day. Now, it is at 2.4 million and I estimate that production will fall even more in the next few years.On top of that, Chavez has assumed that his oil money will be able to bankroll socialist revolutions around the world, and he is selling oil at cut-rate prices to other socialist governments. Alas, he throws good money after bad, as Bolivia, rich in natural gas resources, has nationalized its gas industry and, surprise, surprise, output is falling.

The reason it will get even worse for Chavez is that capital wears out, but because he will spend the profits on socialists schemes instead of new capital, Venezuelan production will fall as the government will lack the machinery necessary for pulling the oil out of the ground and getting it to port. Furthermore, he will not be able to attract new capital investment because his government seized private investment in the past and is extremely hostile to private enterprise.

So, sit back and watch Chavez wreck the economy. People are worried because they are afraid he will become another Castro. Indeed, like Castro, he will destroy a once-productive economy and drag people down to poverty. I say let them do it. If the people want socialism, let them enjoy its fruits.”

Thank you Mr. Bill Anderson. No country in South America is a threat to the United States much less one lead by an idiot who destroyed his own nations’ economy in order to enrich himself and place his family members in positions of power.

Now Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver with the charisma of a flat tire is taking over as dictator and he is the Venezuelan version of George W. The guy doesn’t even know the names of the different regions of his own country. Maduro goes around saying that Chavez has reincarnated as a little bird that talks to him. Um… comment.

So I am waiting for the next round of extremist comments on how the USG is evil but Maduro is not. The funny thing is that neither Bill Blum nor Paul Craig Roberts ever actually lived in Venezuela under Chavez and they dont live there now, do they?

I definitely have more respect for Gore Vidal, may he rest in peace.

Please stop the madness of saying that governments that the U.S. Empire hates are good governments, that’s too extremist. If you are a true libertarian, a true student of Austrian economics and a true anarcho-capitalist, how in the lunacy of your mind do you say that Chavez was a great man?


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