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USG Military Interventions Since 1945

August 1, 2014

Since 1945 we meaning the United States government have been engaged in war with other countries of the world, so much so that we have always had an enemy of the month club going in the prostitute press. For example, how did the USG come up with the names Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden when we the people of the United States had no clue who these guys were? So what I am going to offer you below is a list of all the military interventions both over and as well as the covert and seedy and clandestine operations that the United States government has been involved in since 1945 and you will be able to click on the name of the operation to learn more about each one.

I dedicate this article to a great human being that we lost two years ago yesterday and the person who influenced and informed me to be able to offer you this list, I am referring to the late great Gore Vidal. While I did not share his views of who Abraham Lincoln was or giving credit to Roosevelt for getting us out of the Depression, Mr. Vidal was always on point with everything else, may he rest in peace and continue to guide us from the heavens.

October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012


Berlin Airlift

Korean War

First Taiwan Strait Crisis

Operation Blue Bat (1958 Lebanon Crisis)

Second Taiwan Straits Crisis

Third Taiwan Straits Crisis

Congo Crisis

The Laotian Crisis of 1962

Berlin Crisis of 1961-62

Operation Tailwind

Operation Ivory Coast/Kingpin North Vietnam

Operation Endsweep

Operation Linebacker I

Operation Linebacker II

Operation Pocket Money

Operation Freedom Train

Operation Arc Light

Operation Rolling Thunder

Operation Ranch Hand

Vietnam War

Cuban Missile Crisis

Red Dragon

Operation Powerpack (US Occupation of Dominican Republic)

Six Day War

Operation Red Fox

Operation Graphic Hand

Operation Red Hat

Operation Garden Plot

Operation Nickel Grass

Operation Eagle Pull

Operation Frequent Wind

Operation New Life

Operation Paul Bunyan/Tree Incident

Mayaguez Incident

Operation SETCON I

Ogaden Crisis

Operation Red Bean

Yemen 1978

Operation Elf One

Rok Park Succession Crisis

Operation EAGLE CLAW/Desert One 

Operation SETCON II 1980

Operation Creek Sentry

Central America – Contras

RMT (Rocky Mountain Transfer)

Gulf of Sidra Incident 1981

Operation Bright Star

Multinational Force in Lebanon 1982

Operation Early Call

Operation Arid Farmer 1983


Operation Intense Look

Operation Achilles Lauro

Operation Attain Document (Action in the Gulf of Sidra [again!] 1986)

Operation EL DORADO CANYON (1986 United States bombing of Libya)

Operation Blast Furnace



Operation Promote Liberty (better known as the United States Invasion of Panama, 1989)

Operation JUST CAUSE (another name for the USG invasion of Panama, 1989)

Operation Nimrod Dancer (the same invasion of Panama under a different name)

Operation Hawkeye

Operation Classic Resolve (an attempted coup in the Philippines, 1989)

As you can see this has been a daunting task and this is only covering the years 1945 until 1989 or the Cold War Era. After the collapse of the Soviet Union many operations continued and I am not going to list them all but I am going to mention a few of them. While I was in high school the USG started inserting itself in Iraq with Operation Desert Storm and then Desert Shield which we know today as the Gulf War. Around this time you also have Operation Selva Verde, where Navy SEALs were dropped into the jungles of Norte de Santander in Colombia to try to take out the Colombian guerrilla organization (FARC). They did some damage but they did not permanently neutralize them. And on it goes until today, we are a warfare state and a country with a criminal organization, our version of the FARC, the CIA.







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