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Lets Address The Extreme Leftist and Rude Responses of Bill Blum

July 30, 2014

In a previous article I shared with you all my email to Mr. William Blum, the author of various books exposing the force and violence that the United States government perpetrates on other nations and his very rude and nasty response because I respectfully corrected him on his deliberate presentation of Colombia as another evil client state and Venezuela as this great country. I share with Blum that my family and I have lived in these places when this was going on so he is not talking to someone who doesnt know. But this extremist didnt care, his ideology trumps our personal life experience. I have had this experience before on the part of a Marxist professor I used to be friends with in college, that is until he yelled at me and insulted my family and me when our reality in South America did not confirm his political ideology of the area.

So lets begin by addressing the lies of Mr. Blum:

<<we run the risk of losing sight of the fact that
governments are evil, regardless where or which one we are talking about.>>The Cuban government is not evil.
So Mr. Blum has spent his career  exposing the evils of the United States government, but in his view only the United States government is evil. Mr. Blum why dont you move to Cuba and live there since their government his good?
<<You mentioned that Uribe lifted term limits, that is misleading, it
suggests that he created a political environment where he made himself
dictator and then you say he was awarded a medal from the United States,
tying those two events together, again misleading. While Colombia is a client state of Washington, what Uribe did was change a long held law in Colombia where after you have been president for four years you cannot run again, he made it so you can run again for a second term>>

That sounds like lifting term limits.  What is misleading about what I wrote?

What is misleading about what you wrote is the very words I quoted. You are very manipulative Mr. Blum, in addition to rude and insulting, but I guess it all goes together with your personality. :”Lifting terms” to anyone in the English speaking world means that Uribe eliminated terms for president, he did not. What Uribe did was “change” the terms. Colombian presidents have always beeen allowed only one term in office and then they could not run again. It was obvious to me that Mr. Blum was not aware of this nor does he care. He used the phrase “lift terms” and then proceeded to share that afterwards the United States gave Uribe a medal of honor, suggesting that the Colombian president was awarded for becoming a dictator by the United States Empire. Since Mr. Blum likes to spread misinformation, he did neglect to say that his favorite dictator, Hugo Chavez, did actually “lift terms” of presidency and made himself president for life.


<<The other intimate information I have is how you shared that Chavez only denied RCTV its license but allowed it to televise via cable and satellite making it seem there is free speech in Venezuela, there isnt. If I go to Venezuela and criticize the Chavez-Maduro government I can get my ass kicked up and down the street by Chavistas. Also, the cable and satellite companies that continued to air RCTV were threatened by Chavez, meaning he threatened to fine them heavily if they continued to allow RCTV to air, so they stopped. RCTV no longer exists thanks to Chavez.>>

As I wrote, in almost any other country a TV station fostering an overthrow of the govt would be closed down permanently and punished much more than RCTV was in Venezuela.  I’m sure that a million people a day criticize the Chavez-Maduro govt without getting beaten up.  Your arguments are really juvenile.

Mr. Blum likes to play with the English language, RCTV was shut down permanently! What part of RCTV no longer exists does Blum not understand? Chavez didnt allow them to continue broadcasting, as soon as he found out they were broadcasting via cable and satellite he threatened those providers thereby shutting down RCTV for good. And so this son of a bitch Blum calls me juvenile because in his fairy world, Chavistas dont attack people in the street, despite the fact that my family has lived through these attacks. Please watch some examples of what I am talking about.

Below you have Chavistas open fire on people who are trying to go vote, while this reporters shows you how the local police flees the scene instead of stopping the crime.

Below you see Chavistas with the colors of the dictators party opening fire on people who decided to speak on RCTV against the president. Yet this scumbag Blum says this doesnt happen. Unfortunately, RCTV no longer exists because someone they just went away not because Chavez shut them down according to Blums’ theory.


<< Also here in the United States Empire we have our second amendment rights, yet in Venezuela you used to be able to buy a gun for self-defense until Chavez made that illegal, chasing away the Glock Corporation who used to have its Latin-American division in Caracas and have since relocated to Uruguay.>>

Good for Venezuela. Bill Blum

So here is Blum showing you that he does not believe in your second amendment right to defend yourself whether you are a US citizen or even the right of people in Venezuela to defend themselves. He is also showing you that he is not pro-free market. He ends by saying good for Venezuela, that is a way of saying good for Chavez who is the only one aside from his cabinet members, military and supporters who can have guns and somehow as you saw in the previous videos, do have guns.

Ladies and gentleman you would do well to follow the lead of universities who longer contract Mr. Blum to come speak on their campuses.

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