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Malaysia Airlines Shot Down

July 24, 2014

Last Thursday as I was returning home from work I decided to stop in to a restaurant and get an orange cream soda to quench my thirst when I saw a CNN news report accusing Russian leader Vladimir Putin of having been responsible for shooting down the Malaysian commercial airliner. Since then the government has recanted and admitted they have no evidence that Russia was responsible and now I cannot find a CNN story where they were foaming at the mouth saying they will hold Putin responsible. So all I have is a more fair story below.

Below here you have Obama saying that the death of these people is an outrage, but apparently the government he represents did not think that Cubana de Aviacion Flight 455 was an outrage when his government sponsored anti-Castro Cuban terrorists blew it up.

Here we have the accusations that I was talking about presented in the video up above. What about the terrorists that Obama’s government has supported throughout history via the Central Intelligence Agency? Lets ask Obama where is the justice for the families of the deceased aboard Cubana de Aviacion Flight 455? Where is the justice for the families of the deceased that were aboard Argo 16? What is Argo 16? I am glad you asked.

On November 23, 1973, a Douglas C-47 crashed into an industrial park in Venice. The C-47 was a World War II transport, but this particular plane has a much more storied history. It flew from the Italian government, was sponsored by the CIA (those guys again!), and had been packed out with surveillance equipment.

The crash was initially put  down to pilot error, but a second investigation concluded that the aircraft had been brought down deliberately, perhaps by a bomb. Yet the name, nicknamed Argo 16, wasn’t an easy target for terrorists. Its movements and purpose were classified. The flight crews and personnel that looked after the aircraft were from specially chosen units. Smuggling a bomb aboard the aircraft would have been almost impossible.

Two groups have been implicated in the attack. The first is the Israeli security agency, Mossad. In late 1973, the Italian government was reported to have signed a pact with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. In response for the Palestinians leaving Italy free from terrorist activity, the Italians would shuttle any captured PLO members back to Palestine. Argo 16 was supposedly the plane used for such missions, and Israel wanted to send a very strong message.

An alternate theory involves Operation Gladio, an operation sponsored by the CIA. The idea was to train a paramilitary group to provide resistance should the Soviet Union choose to invade Europe. Argo 16 was used to fly Gladio materials between locations. An attempt to disband the operation was made in 1973, but recruits resisted the idea. Claims were made that the Gladiatori bombed Argo 16 as a message to Italy’s government that they wouldn’t be shut down quietly.



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