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401(k)s Are a Scam

June 28, 2014

In my recent job as a Client Relationship Associate for the Vanguard Group, I answered questions for employees of Fortune 500 companies in regards to their 401(k)s and other retirement investment accounts. This included identifying and recommending solutions in order to cross-sell products and services that meet the customer’s needs and financial goals. What I couldn’t do was to tell them that these accounts were not really going to meet their goals in the long run.

I wanted to tell them that they were guinea pigs of the central bankers’ laboratory and that I was representing a company that was a shill for them.

A crisis is coming, some of us are already feeling it and it will be small investors who are going to suffer. I wanted to tell them that what worked for decades will not keep on working. I wanted to tell them that stocks are overpriced, bonds are in a bubble and that investment firms like Vanguard are in a state of denial when they send out press releases stating that there is no manipulation going on in the market. No manipulation in the market? Interest rates are at 10 below zero but there is no manipulation in the market?

Stay tuned as I attempt to share more information in the coming weeks of what is really going on.


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