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How Do I Paint A Room?

June 25, 2014

I am going to begin a series of articles on different manly skills. My inspiration comes from people in decision making roles who over the years assumed I knew nothing of manual labor or rather how to do anything with my hands just because most of my jobs were in office settings. So I am going to jump right into it. Painting a room takes time to do the job right.

  • PREP Move the furniture of the room or rooms you will be painting to the center of the space and cover with sheet plastic. Lay painters paper on the floor and tape it in place. Put masking tape over exposed horizontal surfaces, like windowsills and the tops of the floorboards. With a putty knife, scrape off loose paint. Fill any holes with joint compound by putting a small amount on the leading edge of a putty knife and smoothing it into the cracks. Allow to dry, and rub or sand the spot until its perfectly even with the wall or ceiling. Paint water stains and other discolored spots with a sealer.
  • PRIME Starting at the end of the room with the most light, “cut in” the ceiling by painting a straight, two-or three-inch line around its edge, then roll the paint onto the remaining area. Roll the shortest distance across the ceiling, not lengthwise, occasionally rolling at an angle to cover nicely but always finishing with a straight stroke. Do everything you can to reach from one place before moving your ladder. While the ceiling dries, paint the walls, cutting in at the corners and rolling the rest.
  • COLOR Apply the first coat of the ceiling and wall color by the same process. When you come to the end of a wall, make sure you have enough paint in the open can for the entire next wall. If you dont, mix in more paint  from another can and stir; beginning a new can in the middle of a wall may result in a visible change in shade. When the entire room is dry, add a second coat.

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