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Economic Facism (National Socialism) in the United States

September 10, 2013

Obama’s smug insistence that North American businesses haven’t succeeded without help from the government is simply false as a matter of history. North American businesses were successful and growing long before the government did much of anything. There was little public education in many states until about 1870, and yet the literacy rate averaged 93 percent in those states.

Even the subways in New York City were originally privately built and operated. The city gradually forced the transit companies into bankruptcy by imposing a five-cent limit on fares in 1904.

There were also many private highways in the United States until 1916–even a few in the last half century.

A variety of services that people now assume only the government can provide in fact used to be privately provided. From 1750 to around 1900, fire departments were either owned or paid for by insurance companies. New York City’s public fire department was not established until 1865, when the population was over 726,000. Philadelphia didn’t have a public fire department until 1870 when its population reached 674,000 people.

Police services in colonial North America relied almost exclusively on volunteer night watchmen and citizens who were responsible for the identification and pursuit of criminals. Cattlemen’s associations, land clubs, and merchant groups would hire their own law enforcement to protect property rights and catch criminals.

Despite the shocking lack of government services, the United States somehow developed into a prosperous industrial power. Perhaps hard work and brains are related to success after all. How about that.


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