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How is That Change You Can Believe In Working Out For You?

August 11, 2013

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Since Obama came into office as president back in 2008, I don’t know about you but I noticed that it was just a continuation of the Bush Crime Family policies. So it appears that whether it calls itself Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter. A politico-Mafioso may wear sheep clothing and still be a politico-Mafioso. How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

Under Obama several North American citizens have been assassinated by the president and openly so and everyone goes on saying how happy they are to have a black president. I am so happy for you that you can rest easy now with your black president who denies people their right to due process and instead assassinates them like the Mafioso that he is. How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

The Obamistas charged six whistleblowers under the pre-World War I Espionage Act–and that’s more than all the previous administrations in North American history put together. One of them was an advisor to the National Security Agency, charged with ten felonies for informing the media of how our government was misspending money on eavesdropping projects. “After their case collapsed, the government, which was chastised by the federal  judge as engaging in unconscionable conduct allowed him to plead to a misdemeanor and walk. The administration has also prosecuted former members of the CIA, the State Department, and the FBI. They even tried to subpoena a
journalist and one of the lawyers for the whistleblowers.” How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

Lately, I have been thinking that I would like to work for the Foreign Service. I actually took a test last year and almost passed it. I have been considering retaking the test this year but then I thought about what kind of person I am. How I believe in liberty and the protection of whistleblowers. In my research for this article I came upon a guy named Peter van Buren, a twenty-four year career Foreign Service officer who wrote a critical book while still employed by the State Department called We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People. This book “ exposed what State did not want people to know: that they had wasted enormous amounts of money in Iraq, mostly due to ignorance and a desire for short-term successes that could be trumpeted back home. For the crime of writing this book and maintaining a blog that occasionally embarrasses, State Department officials destroyed my career, even as they confirm my thesis, and their own failure, by reducing the Baghdad Embassy to half its size in the face of Iraq’s unraveling.” The State Department retaliated by suspending his security clearance, banning him from entering the building where he worked, and threatened felony charges. Not to mention examining all his travel vouchers, his Internet activity, and his credit reports. Oh, and impounding his diplomatic passport. How is that change you can believe in working out for you so far?

So what are some of the things that van Buren revealed about Iraq? Well, we were told that “the last US troops were supposedly withdrawn from Iraq just before 2012 began, but after years of a war that abruptly ended [December of 2011], the Pentagon still wants billions to continue doing…something in Iraq. According to the latest budget request, the DoD think around $2.9 billion should cover the cost of “Post-Operation NEW DAWN (OND)/Iraq Activities.” This is for a war, mind you, that we’re no longer engaged in. So, how is that change you can believe in working out for you?

As for that other war, the one in Afghanistan where North American troops have been burning Qu’rans and even gunning down innocent civilians, Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis, a seventeen-year Army vet wrote an eighty-four page unclassified report after returning from his second tour which was published by Michael Hastings in the Rolling Stone. The article stated, “Senior ranking U.S. military leaders have so distorted the truth when  communicating with the U.S. Congress and American people in regards to  conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become  unrecognizable. This deception has damaged America’s credibility among both our  allies and enemies, severely limiting our ability to reach a political solution  to the war in Afghanistan.” Unnamed Pentagon officials are threatening to investigate Davis for possible security violations. The reporter for the Rolling Stone, Michael Hastings died in a fiery car crash on the morning of June 18, 2013. Details are now emerging that “he was on the verge of breaking an important new story about the CIA, and believed he was being investigated by the FBI. Now even a former counter-terrorism czar is admitting Hastings’ car may have been cyber-hijacked.” How is that change you can believe in working out for you now?

“During a point in history when our government has been accused of sending prisoners to secret locations where they were said to have been tortured and the C.I.A. is conducting remote-controlled wars in far-flung places, it’s not a good time to treat the people who aid in the publication of critical information as spies,” David Carr wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times back in February of 2012. He goes on to say in the same article that “it’s worth pointing out that the administration’s emphasis on secrecy comes and goes depending on the news. Reporters were immediately and endlessly briefed on the ‘secret’ operation that successfully found and killed Osama bin Laden. And the drone program in Pakistan and Afghanistan comes to light in a very organized and systematic way every time there is a successful mission.” How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

On our domestic front, Obama did get the health care reform law passed. He did pull North America back from the brink of another Great Depression, flawed though the means were to the end and temporary as his remedy will be. He did to a limited degree expand financial regulation and opened a national education reform initiative although controlling education is not one of the 18 powers enumerated to Congress by the Constitution but who cares about the Constitution anyhow, right? Obama also took a major stand in January of last year which was an election year by the way and appointed a tough dude named Richard Cordray to run the new consumer protection agency–while the Republican mafia were on recess. “Republicans had attempted to block the president from installing nominees they opposed over the long break by holding ‘pro forma’ sessions over the holidays, in which members of both chambers — usually those who live in states close to the Capitol — gavel in for minutes or even seconds before gaveling out to try to meet the definition of holding a Congressional meeting. Senate Democrats had taken similar steps to block President George W. Bush from making what are known as recess appointments, which can last up to two years.” But unfortunately, it didn’t work and Cordray supposedly moved forward on regulating a wide array of debt collectors, credit bureaus, and other scurrilous scumbags of low finance. The year 2008 is calling and it wants to know what happened to Obama and his change that we all could believe in.


Barack Obama, the 1980s is calling and asking for their foreign policy back, please be sure to return it as soon as possible. Nick Carraway poses some telling questions in regards to Barack Obama in the Free Republic which goes like this, “Has he ordered the assassination of any American citizens in secret without due process? Has he waged an unprecedented war on whistleblowers? Has he spied on millions of innocent Americans without a warrant or probable cause? Did he sign a bill that enshrines in law the previously merely alleged executive power of indefinite detention without trial of terror suspects”? The answer is yes to all of them. How is that change you can believe in working out for you now?

I have decided to take a moment and let my hands rest while Scott Rohter of Barack Obama double-talk dot com does some of the “talking” here in regards to some of Obama’s lies since he became president. Enjoy!

Right, I am still waiting for that internet page Obama promised.

They did nothing illegal?! Five big banks settled with the Obama administration for about $20 billion for their shady mortgage lending practices. A drop in the bucket, basically, when you consider their size, no criminal charges filed, and the fines being paid by their shareholders. Even Attorney General Eric Holder explained, “I am concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that if you do prosecute, if you do bring a criminal charge, it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy, and I think that is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large.”

The greedy lunatics are pretty much running the government insane asylum. Goldman Sachs is still atop the heap, and it plays both sides of the mafia world in D.C. Clinton’s Treasury Secretary was former Goldman CEO Robert Rubin. Another ex-Goldman CEO, Hank Paulson, ran Treasury under Bush.

Here’s Bill Black, the savings and loan regulator during the Reagan years and now a professor at the University of Missouri, speaking to Bill Moyers…

Geithner helped Goldman Sachs instantly convert from an investment house to a commercial bank, making the company eligible for those ballooning government handouts. He then gave Goldman a $30 billion taxpayer-funded loan at .01 percent interest. Not a bad deal, at a time “when ordinary folks who missed a few  credit card payments in order to finance their mortgages were being  slapped with interest rates of more than 25 percent.”

Well, after all, Goldman Sachs gave nearly $1 million to the Obama campaign in 2008. Entering the Obama administration from Goldman were Gary Gensler, to chair the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Robert Hormats, undersecretary of state for economic, energy and agricultural affairs; and Mark Patterson, an ex-Goldman lobbyist named Geithner’s chief of staff. In the meantime, White House counsel Gregory Craig positioned himself to become one of Goldman’s legal eagles. In 2011 Lloyd Blankfein was the CEO of Goldman Sachs and he hired another new lawyer specifically to help with the Department of Justice’s investigation into whether he might’ve done something illegal. The new lawyer, “Reid Weingarten, was once a Justice Department employee, where he worked “with another young prosecutor, Eric H. Holder. Mr. Holder, now the attorney general of the United States, remains one of Mr. Weingarten’s closest friends.”

Lawrence Summers, Obama’s other prime economic adviser, got paid $135,000 by Goldman back in ’08–for a one-day visit to the company. Altogether, his speaking fees in 2008–the year of the financial meltdown–were over $2.7 million from the likes of Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch. Summers also collected about $5.2 million in compensation from D.E. Shaw, a hedge fund bigwig, for some part-time work that year. And you think these companies weren’t thinking ahead about which of them was going to benefit from how the government responded to the crisis? So, how is that change you can believe in looking to you now? columnist Glenn Greenwald has written, “Just think about how this works.  People like Rubin, Summers and Gensler shuffle back and forth from the public to the private sector and back again, repeatedly switching places with their GOP counterparts in this endless public/private sector looting.  When in government, they ensure that the laws and regulations are written to redound directly to the benefit of a handful of Wall St. firms, literally abolishing all safeguards and allowing them to pillage and steal.  Then, when out of government, they return to those very firms and collect millions upon millions of dollars, profits made possible by the laws and regulations they implemented when in government.  Then, when their party returns to power, they return back to government, where they continue to use their influence to ensure that the oligarchical circle that rewards them so massively is protected and advanced.  This corruption is so tawdry and transparent — and it has fueled and continues to fuel a fraud so enormous and destructive as to be unprecedented in both size and audacity — that it is mystifying that it is not provoking more mass public rage.”

Rahm Emanuel, named as Obama’s Chief of Staff and who became the Mayor of Chicago back in 2012, used to be a director at the mortgage giant Freddie Mac, a recipient of $150 billion in bailout bucks. In the summer of 2010, an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, jetting tons and tons of crude oil into the water. This oil well was owned by BP. At the time of the explosion, Rahm Emanuel was living rent free in a Washington, D.C. apartment owned by Stanley Greenberg, one of the top advisors to BP–which gave rise to some speculation. Might Emanuel have compromised government efforts to regulate the oil industry? I don’t think so.

The idea of our politicians being in the back pocket of the corporate fat cats in Wall Street is not unheard of nor is it unusual.  Connie Mack, a Florida Republican, had received $68,000 during the last election cycle from the financial services industry. Joe Nocera, a New York Times writer discovered that, Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan had given a combined $1,957,522 to Republicans in the last election, nearly twice as much as they gave to Democrats. They’ve certainly gotten their money’s worth. Have you gotten your moneys worth by casting your vote for change you can supposedly believe in?

I have recently become an advocate for legalization of marijuana which would stop the drug cartels in their tracks and could have avoided a lot of poverty and bloodshed in the United States and in overseas countries such as Colombia. Medical marijuana is now legal in sixteen states and the District of Columbia. When he ran for president, Obama said he would not use the Justice Department to circumvent these laws that protected medical marijuana.

So what happens during Obama’s presidency in 2011? We hear the Justice Department say this,  “[P]rosecution of individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses who use marijuana as part of a recommended treatment regimen consistent with applicable state law, or those caregivers in clear and unambiguous compliance with existing state law who provide such individuals with marijuana, is unlikely to be an efficient use of limited federal resources.” Now that sounds well and good until this government redefined what a “caregiver” was and threatened action in states that had made medical marijuana legal. During the first three years of Obama, the feds made more than a hundred raids on pot dispensaries–on track to break the record of the Bush Crime Family. How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

The scumbag guerrilla organization known as the DEA is still raiding and looting the private property of private citizens, in this case we are talking about marijuana. How is that change you can believe in working out for you?

The U.S. spends about $40 billion each year on the war on drugs despite the fact that no one has ever died from consuming or smoking too much marijuana. According to a report from Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana patient advocacy group, each raid costs taxpayers around $17,000. So I am paying $17,000 for these looters to steal other peoples property. You know what, I want that money back. In a 2011 opinion piece in the New York Times written by former President Jimmy Carter, he had this to say about the Global Commission on Drug Policy Report. “The report describes the total failure of the present global antidrug effort, and in particular America’s ‘war on drugs,’ which was declared 40 years ago today. It notes that the global consumption of opiates has increased 34.5 percent, cocaine 27 percent and cannabis 8.5 percent from 1998 to 2008. Its primary recommendations are to substitute treatment for imprisonment for people who use drugs but do no harm to others, and to concentrate more coordinated international effort on combating violent criminal organizations rather than nonviolent, low-level offenders.” So much for change you can believe in, nothing has changed since the day I was born.

I don’t care that almost the whole city that I live in right now are a bunch of leftist leaning Obamistas, as a patriotic North American, I cannot give this president the benefit of the doubt. He has lied so many times since 2008 that its astounding that people still support him because he is black. That’s like saying hey I support Satan as long as he matches my skin color. Uh-okay, I am going to walk the other way real fast now. I see what the Washington mafia is doing and it doesn’t matter what skin color they have, it is a quagmire that its well-nigh impossible to extricate from, without just gutting the whole system and starting over.


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