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Nancy Pelosi has No Respect for the Constitution

August 10, 2013

I know recent immigrants to the United States that have more respect for the United States Constitution than Nancy Pelosi does. In 2009 when she was asked by a reporter where in the Constitution she found the authority to impose a health insurance mandate on North Americans, she laughed and replied, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” The reporter answered that indeed he was. The Speaker of the White House just shook her head, and then took another question. What a response from a cynical daughter of-a-biscuit eating bulldog.

Pelosi’s press spokesman had to step in with damage control by explaining that this was “not a serious question.”

Senator Pat Leahy decided to show us that he comes from the same biscuit eating breed of bulldogs who only excelled at recess in grammar school and haven’t excelled at anything else except to show that he had no idea where in the Constitution is the federal government granted the authority to impose a health insurance mandate on North Americans by answering, “There’s no question there’s authority. Nobody questions that.” Again, I know some immigrants who can cite the United States Constitution better than scumbags like Pelosi and Leahy.

Are you serious Nancy Pelosi? Are you serious?! You swore an oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution and you then trample all over it like the fascist pig you are?! Are you serious?! As a member of the government, where do you think you get your authority from if not the Constitution? Are you royalty Ms. Pelosi? Were you ordained by God to do whatever the hell you want? Of course not, you are bound by the limits placed upon you by the United States Constitution.

Most federal spending today falls outside the bounds of what the Constitution authorized the federal government to do.

This contempt for constitutional limitations on the federal government is bipartisan and long-standing. Unsurprisingly, when the Constitution is thought of not as the strict limitation on government that its original supporters sold it as, but as something so compendiously broad as almost to defy limitation, government will continue to grow. Some federal activities have begun to alarm even those who historically cheered government growth as a progressive force. Yet nothing has been able to stop it.

Don’t look to the Republic Party for the solutions either. In 1994 they won control of both houses of Congress in a historic off-year election victory. Government would at last be shrunk, politicians assured us. Look at where we are now.


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