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From 1934 Until Today: How the Government is Stripping You of Your Right to Bear Arms

July 24, 2013

Your Second Amendment rights are being stripped away and they didnt start  back in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama. This started back in 1934 with the National Firearms Act of which I explained at length in a previous article. Then in 1968 we suffered another attack on our Second Amendment rights with the Gun Control Act and the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act, which prohibited firearm ownership by certain individuals, including those under eighteen years of age, and most importantly prohibited the private sales of guns between the residents of different states, as well as establishing a national gun licensing system. The Gun Control Act of 1968 spawned a variety of similar state regulations, which resulted in an increasing frequency of rebellious grumblings from those who believed that Second Amendment rights guaranteed to the people were being trampled.

Then we suffer another attack on our Second Amendment rights  when Congress enacts and President Reagan signs into law the Firearms Owner’s Protection Act of 1986, which was billed as an attempt to return back to the people their Second Amendment rights. But of course, as in the past, the claim made by the title of the Act was a falsity. Instead of protecting personal rights, the Act banned the manufacture, transfer, and civilian use of machine guns not manufactured as of the date of the Act; except, of course, for law enforcement officials.

About a decade later we suffer another attack under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, creating  a national background check system and requiring a waiting period before a gun could be purchased. Though the Act mandates that all paperwork received by the BATF be automatically destroyed, quite often the BATF will find excuses to keep the records on file for extended periods.

Do you think it stops there? Of course it doesnt, yet another attack on our right to defend ourselves from fascist corrupt government via the Violent Crime Control Act of 1994, which it actually subtitled with some truth as the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. In essence, this Act was a prohibition on the sale to civilians of specified semiautomatic firearms, which were defined as “assault weapons.” The Act designated nineteen weapons by name as assault weapons and then provided a definition of assault weapons that was based on certain combinations of a senseless variety of features.

Especially interesting to note is the fact that while the term “assault weapon” sounds threatening and brings to mind rapid-fire machine guns, in reality these guns do not fire multiple rounds; only one bullet is ejected each time the trigger is pulled.

When the ban was set to expire in 2004, there was a hue and cry by politicians that its expiration would facilitate a bloodbath in the streets. Thankfully, the Act was not extended, and, not surprisingly, nothing happened.

These fascist laws have made life difficult for us law-abiding gun owning citizens and has done nothing to deter crime. One man in particular that comes to mind that was adversely affected and criminalized was Dick Heller who owned his handgun, a 1911 single action Colt .22, bought in 1976. Unfortunately for Heller, this was the year that the fascist District of Columbia passed its infamous gun ban. The United States federal government learned from Germany’s Nazi history in passing this peace of garbage legislation and Heller likewise learned from Germany’s past history with gun registration, so he decided not to register his gun, fearing that it would be confiscated. Soon, Heller began working as a security guard for the Federal Judicial Center. While on the job, he was required to carry a handgun in order to protect himself and his federal workplace. Heller was a federal police officer with a federal license to use his federally issued gun at his federal workplace.

Heller lived in a high crime area, like most cities in the United States with fascist gun control laws, and one day he noticed bullet holes in his town house. This motivated him to action, and he decided to request a permit for his Colt. Because his Colt was a bottom loading gun it was banned from being possessed or registered. If Heller, a certified law enforcement officer, could not obtain a permit, what chance would anyone else have? Heller decided that this was not a state of affairs he was willing to live with and began a fight to regain his Second Amendment rights.

Heller filed a lawsuit in 2003, along with five other residents of Washington, D.C., who were fed up with the local government’s total infringement of their constitutional rights.

The United States Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller recognized the right to keep and bear arms as a natural and therefore fundamental right.



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  1. At least you have guns.
    Our milksop bleeding heart sheeple and politicians have done a fine upstanding job of only arming the criminals and reducing us to walking targets.
    Heck we even get penalized for using strong language!

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