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One John LeCarré Novel

July 9, 2013

27 binder clips mailedOn the evening of June 14th, I received an email from Wendy who inquired if I still had the 27 binder clips available and offered to make a trade of her book by John LeCarré, a novel titled, The Night Manager for the binder clips. Throughout our communication I noticed that Wendy always had a website called Calliope Books Online. This is her ebay bookstore business I believe, so check it out. I need to ask Wendy for some bookselling tips on ebay myself as I have had a used book business on ebay myself for quite some time and business is slow. I figured this elegant and crisp and clean new novel came from Wendy’s inventory of books that she sells and had a copy to spare. She probably needed the binder clips to bind all the invoices of all those books she is successfully selling online so it was the ideal win-win situation. I didn’t need to drive down to South Carolina to pick up the book, although I wouldn’t have minded. We just snail mailed each other the trades on the honor system. As I write this in the back of mind I am so wanting to pick her brain for tips on successful book selling on ebay.

John LeCarré1

I am going to assume Wendy is satisfied with her binder clips since not only did she mail back the novel as promised but added an elegant little journal that I decided to give to my wife as a gift for putting up with me.

I am pumped on having this book, but in the name of the game, its gotta go too.

So, please get back to me if you are down with trading me something bigger and better than a brand new elegant novel by John LeCarré to get yourself the said novel.


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