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The Hippies didnt Drop Acid, the CIA Dropped the Acid right into Hippie Culture

June 26, 2013

Its amazing to me the warped priorities and miniscule mindset of some people in this country who are making a huge mountain out of border patrol legislation, where it says their feathers are ruffled at the idea of people crossing borders into the United States illegally. On facebook these people go on to post stupid little sayings with a scene of a fenced wall in a desert setting. Since there are no deserts between the United States and Canada, they should just be honest and say they don’t want any Mexicans in the United States. At least that way they can stop the sanctimonious bullshit about border patrol legislation while they keep looking South and never look North at the other border they don’t seem to be concerned about. What makes it all so ironic is that since 1952 the CIA has been surreptitiously sprinkling LSD around North America, that drug had to be shipped in from somewhere, a border had to be crossed. Where is the legislation that says that any intelligence operation that includes the collusion or trafficking of drugs in or out of the United States will be punishable by law?

Codenamed MKULTRA, it began in 1952 when the CIA hired Federal Bureau of Narcotics Agent George H. White, a real sadistic bastard who was assigned the setting up of a safe house and test LSD on unsuspecting North American citizens in New York. In 1955, White became district supervisor in San Francisco and opened three new MKULTRA safe houses in the Bay Area.

These safe houses consisted of two apartments with a two-way mirror in between, so the CIA could film LSD-eed dupes, even Congressmen, in compromising positions.

People including myself have always assumed that the CIA only operated overseas, but this has never been true. Ever since the creation of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) in 1968 by the Johnson Administration, the CIA had infiltrated this organization and hard at work undoing it for its own purposes such as hiring as assets both the drug traffickers that the BNDD agents were working against, and the corrupt policemen and politicians the BNDD agents were working with abroad.

The man who helped destroy the soul of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) by allowing it to be infiltrated by CIA agents was Myles Ambrose who was a political opportunist and a prosecutor for the State of New York. What’s interesting about this story is that you will see how the CIA was definitely not just an international intelligence agency but most certainly did conduct domestic operations. With the help of Ambrose, the CIA had cover for its officers under the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) as well as Customs and other Treasury Department posts in Rome, Paris, London and Tokyo, and he helped the CIA place officers in the six Treasury coordinator positions in the continental US.

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