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Sensible Survival

June 23, 2013

I’ve read a lot of survival books, watched survival videos on Youtube and perused through prepper websites that proclaim to one and all that their particular writings will give you everything you need to know to survive an apocalypse or some type of collapse. I have been wanting to read various novels out there on the subject as well but have not been able to do so at this time.

Few of the recommendations in all these survival books, videos and websites will make sense to the average human being. Fewer still are realistic. Why, you ask? Well, not everyone has the money, time and effort to buy body armor worth several thousand dollars or build an underground facility for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Buying a variety of weapons can eat up your savings, trust me on this one.

Lets face it, you and I are ordinary people. We have jobs, kids, a spouse, hobbies, commitments, perhaps church and all the other things that are a part of everyday life. That said, if you intend to survive the only crisis that I think may come, the collapsing dollar crisis and hyperinflation, you’re going to have to have something to start with or else you are as good as dead. I would like to present a more common sense guide via the subsequent posts I will provide here on my page in the coming months and years. I want to help you prepare for upheavals and chaos, protect your family and maybe even live your life relatively cozy. This wont require spending hours on end at the gun range, although it is rather an enjoyable experience. You will not need to take out a loan to build a bunker or walk around town in camouflage clothing. You will not have to go live in a cabin “off the grid” either although if you wanted to try it for the experience then by all means. I will never discourage anybody’ sense of adventure, but understand that it is an adventure and not a realistic way to live unless you have the financial means to make your fantasies a reality, some folks on the planet do have that capability, but this article is for the rest of us. In this article you will only be asked to use tin-foil for cooking and not for head gear. I will also not be using any “prepper” acronyms such as SHTF and so on.

I want to say at the outset that I am no expert in survival living or building bunkers and I don’t know anyone that works for the CIA, NSA, Special Forces or anything of that nature. I only have the experience of having read through so many survival materials and have tried so many of the recommendations and seeing in real time what worked, what didn’t and what was absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. I love to travel and I have lived in Europe, New York City, Virginia, visited the Caribbean and South America which also helped me better develop a world view and understanding of concepts such as hyperinflation and how economies of the world are interrelated. During these travels I have studied a whole lot of people and cultures, as well as how they live. To that end, I am going to take almost everything I know and bring it to you in a concise and sensible manner here.

I learned that nobody is an expert on national crisis situations and that includes the people who have gone through it. Yes, that’s right, not even the people who have gone through the crisis suffered in places like Zimbabwe and Argentina are experts, at least, not all of them and definitely not the ones that come out of those places claiming to be experts. Why do I say this? Well, I began studying a guy from Argentina who wrote a book on modern survival and started his own youtube channel that he updates every week. After weeks of following this guy it felt like he was marketing products instead of teaching how to survive a currency collapse. He would advise people about which Glock to purchase, he would market expensive solar powered watches and a whole host of expensive products. Folks, having had family that have experienced hyperinflation in countries such as Venezuela, there is no way in hell you are going to be thinking about purchasing a $600 Glock, especially not in a country in South America where today, guns are super expensive and they have to be registered and all this bureaucratic process you have to go through just to get one in most of these countries. Let me give you an example, today in Colombia it would cost you the equivalent of $3,000 USD to purchase a .38 caliber revolver. You see a lot of wonderful North Americans and fellow Libertarians talk a lot about Argentina, but Argentina isn’t the only country that has suffered hyperinflation. Venezuela has gone through and is currently going through hyperinflation since Chavez took office. So when someone who lived in Argentina in 2001 is making videos about all these wonderful and very expensive survivalist products to buy, it makes me wonder how realistic of a grasp on reality this individual has. If you are living in a country where the price of rice, for example, goes up 50% from the time the supermarket opened at 7am until the time you get off work at 5pm, trust me my friend, a $600 Glock or a $4,000 bullet proof vest is not going to be the most present thing on your mind as a must have item. I am not saying that people in currency crisis nations such as Argentina and Venezuela are not thinking about buying a $700 USD smart phone because some are and that is my point. These folks do not have a grasp of the reality they are living in. But I think this kind of reality is fascinating to people in English speaking countries who have yet to have a clue what it actually means to live in a country where their currency has collapsed. Argentina is not the only country that has and is currently going through hyperinflation. Venezuela is currently suffering hyperinflation as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Somalia and…wait for it, Syria…hello? why do you think there is so much internal strife going on there right now? Syria is in a living hell of its own right now. Any country that has a black market for US dollars is suffering a currency collapse. Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina are all countries that have a black market for the US dollar and understand that these black markets emerge as a result of their respective governments trying to curtail people from doing business in U.S. dollars because nobody wants to hold or do business in their own devaluating currency.

I have got to admit that I was one of the first to almost desire a quick collapse of the U.S. dollar just to get to the point where people would wake up. I no longer believe that a currency collapse will wake people up. Yes that’s right, not even a currency collapse will wake people up. We have really become like livestock that are just moping around life with no goals, no dreams, no expectations of how a decent life should be lived and when a currency collapse arrives if it ever does, they will continue to smoke cigarettes, get drunk, go to bars, party, shoot up, do whatever other life-destructive thing it is they do now. The average guy in the suburb is not going to all of a sudden begin reading The International Man by Doug Casey and say “hey I need to move to XYZ country and leave this banana republic behind”. No they are going to continue to obsessively mow their lawns during the summer months and sit at home and scrounge enough devalued dollars to pay for cable television and heat during the winter months.

Fortunately, they are enough sane people out there who have given this much thought and put some serious work into it. Some even host excellent websites that you should visit and print out the useful information found there. There are even some good books that you can purchase and my personal favorite is The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan. What I love about this book that it is one of the most excellent books around on how to be self-sufficient in terms of growing your own sustenance and yet it is not waxing poetic about any type of apocalypse. I think Carleend Madigan offers easy to learn skills in her book that is only limited by your own resources and space to implement them, but you can implement them even if only on a limited basis, its a start. I have to say that this book will only be as useful as you are. If you do not like gardening, you will not like this book and it will be a waste of time.

It would also be nice if those of us sensible survivalists would meet each other and get together, but even if you don’t believe in the whole “prepper” culture but like to garden, then get involved with others who do as well.


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  1. Too right about the “experts”.
    Thousands of dollars get spent on their unnecessary recommendations for what?
    They try to get you to cover every possible scenario they can think up?
    Not practical and definitely not economically possible.

    You also don’t need to be a MacGyver to be a survivalist but you do need skills.
    Good bit about it is you don’t need shed loads of specialist gear or stores unlike the prepper.

    It’s the preppers I feel for. All that “stock” needing loads of security to keep it safe.
    One home invasion ( be it civilian or government ) and all that planning may literally go out the door in someone else’s hands. All that money, all that investment. Sad thought isn’t it?

    Think selfish, think you and your own, and let everyone else sort themselves out.
    A basic survivalist philosophy.

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