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Stupid Sheeple Who Think Hispanic Immigrants Are The Source Of Our Problems

May 27, 2013

I have a beautiful nine year old daughter who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with her mother. I haven’t seen her in over a year thanks to the legal system and her mothers hijinks. I had thought about moving to Oklahoma and starting a custody battle all over again and starting a new life there as well and I started getting to know people online from Oklahoma to give me some idea on how life was in Oklahoma. I even got a whole bunch of free brochures from the state of Oklahoma on places to see and things to do. I also send a friends request to the Oklahoma chapter of Oathkeepers on Facebook. They were all very friendly and welcoming except for one guy who had an anti-immigrant axe to grind with me and this idiot decided to send me an article about an anti-immigrant policy that was successfully passed in Oklahoma as a response to a question about gun control. One had nothing to do with the other but it was his passive-aggressive way of saying he didn’t want to be bothered by me because of my last name, I was the problem as far as he was concerned. So I want to dedicate an article to this idiot and every other one who thinks Hispanics and other immigrants are the problem to all that ails them and I highly recommend you idiots go read some books on economics and finance and how the world works so you can stop being the shills of corrupt politicians in Washington who are milking you everyday via taxation.

Aside from Oklahoma and possibly Tennessee, Alabama is one of the most intolerant states that was in the news a couple of years ago. I am going to use it as an example of how an idiotic anti-immigrant policy adversely affected that states income and deservedly so. In June 2011, the state of Alabama, in a fit of xenophobia, passed a bill called HB 56, considered to be the most draconian anti-immigration law in the country. And its impact on the state has been catastrophic. In September of that year, when the law went into effect, thousands of immigrants fled the state in fear, abandoning jobs, schools, and homes. Crops were left to rot in the fields, breaking the back of the state’s $5.5 billion agricultural industry. Reconstruction of buildings destroyed by the devastating tornadoes of previous April slowed to a standstill as 25 percent of Alabama’s construction workers left the state.

Counter to claims made by its political sponsors that the bill was engineered to free up jobs for unemployed North Americans, Alabamans have proved unwilling to fill the jobs that have been vacated by the workers they vilify. There has been no growth in the job sectors where Hispanics typically work. It is estimated that up to 140,000 jobs in the state could be lost. If you factor in the savings to the state in health care and social services that the bill’s supporters achieved, the overall loss to the state is estimated to be about $11 billion, or 6 percent of GDP, which does not include losses of $339 million in state and local tax revenue. Congratulations stupid sheeple, in your hate of Hispanics in the state of Alabama you now have even less of an economy to speak of.

In November 2011, shortly after the bill went into force, a Mercedes-Benz executive from Germany, on business at the company’s plant outside Tuscaloosa, was arrested and jailed by local police on suspicion of being an illegal alien when he was unable to produce a passport, which he had left at his hotel. The director of the state’s Department of Homeland Security, yes ladies and gentleman, backwoods Alabama has a director of Department of Homeland Security there because you know its a direct port to the international community and all. The director said, “It sounds like the officer followed statute correctly.” Well thank his lucky stars. How about Mercedes-Benz decides to pull out of Alabama and takes its business elsewhere, you idiot.  A month later a Japanese manager assigned to Honda Motors plant in Lincoln was stopped by police and cited for violating the statute of not being in possession of a valid driver’s license (issued either by Alabama or by his native Japan, apparently his international drivers license, supported by his passport was insufficient, talk about George Orwell’s 1984, what a police state you are Alabama!).

Foreign companies employ 5 percent of Alabama’s population. The Spanish owner of BBVA Compass has already canceled a proposed $80 million bank tower in Birmingham. All that lost investment and jobs, you people deserve to rot in this dying empire with soon-to-be worthless paper dollars! China’s Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group is reconsidering plans to build a $100 million plant in Thomasville. Immigration advocates are pressuring automaker Hyundai, whose $1.4 billion plant in Montgomery accounts for 2 percent of Alabama’s GDP, to take a stand against the law. Worse still they might just pack up and move their operations elsewhere.

The catastrophic economic impact of the bill makes Alabama legislators look foolish. The social and humanitarian costs of xenophobia have spoken. The constitutionality of the law is being challenged in the federal courts. One judge described the legislative debate that led to the law as “laced with derogatory comments about Hispanics.” The White House opposes the law, asserting that jurisdiction over immigration is reserved to the federal government. I don’t know about that, but the state legislators who drafted the law, drenched in the economic and political blowback of their own stupidity, have been forced to revisit the bill. Let this be a lesson to various xenophobic states and sheeple all over this dying empire.


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