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Why Libertarianism?

May 22, 2013

The libertarian movement has grown at a remarkable pace throughout the country. Yet I believe few of the many who call themselves libertarian or like to identify with that label have actually joined the Libertarian Party or have actually taken a few hours of their day to study libertarianism. There is a current wave of bravado among certain activist-celebrities who have had a run in with the State in Pennsylvania which I have not read about at length and do not care to in this article but I mention it because libertarianism is not being practiced. Its the same old activist-celebrity phenomenon that I saw among activist-celebrities of the socialist variety in New York City decades ago.

I launched this website and then became a member of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania to show my commitment to engage in lectures and discussions among libertarians. The idea that you met Ron Paul in person or read a book or two and now you are a celebrity getting yourself arrested for the cause does nothing to teach people from New York to Delaware to South Carolina what libertarianism is.

I launched this site to serve as one of many nuclei and communication centers for libertarians across the country. I do believe there are many libertarians who have thought long and hard about their ideal system, but have not had a space for stepping out of the mundane everyday life and learn and develop their libertarian world-view. If we are ever to achieve victory and win over the minds of the masses we must get together and analyze and explore libertarianism, what it is and what it is not. Let me take this opportunity to say that putting out a call for people to grab their guns and go to Washington, DC to protest is not libertarianism and it is not even wise. It puts many good people in danger and it will not be understood by the masses, nor accepted and gives the State every opportunity to hurt, maim and kill people with their media apologists giving their attacks legitimacy.

If our aim is victory we dont put out calls to innocent people to put themselves in danger, but rather put out a call for educational discussions analyzing and developing the ideals of libertarianism. If you are looking to become the next activist-celebrity who gets arrests and demand people  go to Washington with their guns, this site will not interest you. I only hope that my page Libertario, can play  role in inspiring a truly dedicated movement on behalf of liberty.


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