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Gun Shop Review: Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club

May 12, 2013

Did you read my last review where I said that Pine Valley Gun Club is not a gun shop but a shooting range for shotgun owners? The one where you have a pleasant shooting experience every time? Well, the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club on 8th Street and Ellsworth is the exact opposite of that. I have attended this gun shop to use its shooting range several times and was encouraged to become a member. Here are several things I have observed before having a direct experience that lead me to decide never to go back. I used their services to transfer one of my firearms over to a guy who wanted to purchase it from me. I used Philly Archery and Gun Club just because they are close to where I live, thats the only reason why I have used them and against my better judgment I might add.

For wanting to save a few bucks on gasoline to go to a pleasant establishment I put with hearing inappropriate comments by the predominantly male staff. Yes I point that out because if you go to Treeline Sports you will see female sales staff there and not just some girl who is relegated to the counter all day, which is what you will see at the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club. The employees there are as cynical as a Philadelphia welfare worker. Making comments about how people buy a gun and then bring it back because they owe money on their light bill or rent. As a customer I do not need to hear those undesirable experiences. If the guys at the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club feel so jaded by the public, then you are in the wrong business pal. You need to get out of sales and become a garbage collector for the city, they make better money.

Remember when I said that Pine Valley Gun Club was very family oriented and there are people of all ages and both sexes there and yes even different races? Well, you will see different races at Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club and you will probably also hear the staff criticize these paying customers as well, but it is not a family oriented establishment whatsoever. I would not recommend bringing your children there to learn how to use a firearm for the first time. In fact, the environment there gives me the feel of walking into a fascist police academy with jaded police officers making negative comments about the public under their breath.

In fact, some of the comments that Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club staff have made proved that these guys dont have a clue. They are pro-statist, they probably feel that certain people like Blacks shouldnt carry a firearm and they only care about the second amendment on a surface level.  Its not a wonderful, peaceful place to shoot, the booths are extremely small, which makes for an uncomfortable and never wracking experience when you are trying to concentrate on your target and some knucklehead college kid from UPenn or Temple who has never fired a gun before is letting off shoots with an AR-15 or 45 caliber handgun that he rented from the shop just for kicks. Or the other idiot on the other side shooting an shotgun in an enclosed space. The fact that Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club allows indoor shooting of shotguns leaves me speechless and with a migraine headache too. Their inventory is overpriced, which means if you see a used handgun there for $339, rest assured you can purchase a new one for less.

I have not seen any new handguns at Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club for less than $450, thats absurd. You see if that shop cared about the Second Amendment, they would take into consideration at least a little bit that they are in a high poverty area and should carry a well inventoried supply of firearms for all budgets, but they dont and so you see guys thats why they are bringing your stuff back to pay the rent instead, they came to their senses.  Do you know what its like to make the acquaintance of new people everytime you go to Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club? Neither do I. The place is full of cynical, high testosterone predominantly male staff members who have not finished college, and the customers are predominantly young college punks who dont even own their own firearms and go there for a weekend just to be able to say they shot an AR-15 or a shotgun or a 45 caliber handgun and leave serious customers like me with an extreme headache because despite the earplugs the shooting booths are about the size of my kitchen, how many booths altogether? I think no more than seven.

So let me finish with my story and why now I am convinced that this gun shop is not worth saving gas money for aggravation and stress. I go into the shop today with my new rifle. I usually used to bring my handgun there, but I brought my rifle instead. The old guy with white hair looked alarmed at seeing me walk in with a rifle case, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. So he asks how he can help me. I tell him I want to use the range. He asked me a question that they never asked me before  which was, did I bring my own ammo. I replied yes, I always bring ammo when I carry a firearm, I mean whats the point of carrying a firearm without ammo, thats like carry a Coca-Cola bottle without a bottle opener. So he proceeds to charge me $25. I told him why am I being charged so much? The last three times I used the range I was charged $20.45. He said its because I have my own ammo. I said well I usually purchase ammo from here, how is it more expensive to use my own? So then he started to grill me as to whether I am really going to use my own ammo or theirs, I told him I may use both who knows but I usually am good with firing just 50 rounds. Guys, can you believe this shit?! All this just to go upstairs and use the range like I always have.

So the guy says I can go upstairs, he calls upstairs and has a lengthy conversation with the idiot upstairs about me. One can only imagine what he said. I know what he said. He told the buffoon to keep a close eye on me to see if I would use my own ammo instead. How do I know this? Because this is the only time I have been to the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club and had a pistol range staff member stare intently at me while I am on the other side loading and preparing to practice. This clown watched me for five minutes!

Now check this part out. One of my magazines was stored in a little plastic pouch similar to the plastic pouch that their .22LR ammo came in. Can you believe this guy reached over me while I was in the booth and grilled me as to whether I was using my own ammo?! I explained to him in a calm manner that I had brought my extra magazine in that pouch. It was a magazine for a Marlin, those little 7 round ones.

Despite all that stress, I somehow still happened to get a lot of good shots with my Marlin that day as you can see below. So now I know I shoot well under duress and being treated like less than a paying customer with constitutional rights.


I am probably older than most of those employees at the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club and have been shooting more kinds of firearms since before they learned to walk. How dare you people be so patronizing and insulting. You get the one gold star that I gave to Dicks Sporting Goods, you all behave just like them. You require some major training in good customer service and those that have a cynical attitude towards the public need to get fired, assuming the owner of Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club actually gives a shit.


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