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Gun Shop Review: Dicks Sporting Goods

May 12, 2013

Greetings All

After a bad experience I had today at a local gun range that I have frequented about four or five times against my better judgment, I decided to start a gun shop review just like I have the book review for all the books I am reading. I want to be as fair as I can possibly be, but of course it is going to be subjective based on my own experiences and perceptions which are as valid as anybody else’s.

I want to start with Dicks Sporting Goods. I am not going to speak on Dicks in general, but I am going to go by my own experiences in each store. I figure that I made the effort and burned up so much of my gasoline going to different ones giving them all the benefit of the doubt that I can now critique them.

I want to start with the Dicks Sporting Goods in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I want to start with that one because the first time I ever went there was before the Newtown, Connecticut shooting and the guys in the Lodge department were friendly and assisted me through my purchase.  I walked out of there a happy customer, the way all customers should be when they spend their hard earned money. I would go back to that Dicks when I was in the area and buy ammo as well. After the Newtown shooting occurred and I went back to that Dicks in Cherry Hill, New Jersey I was treated like a criminal, I was treated like I was going there to buy drugs and when I would purchase ammunition, the clerk acted as if I was doing something illegal which you would  think that moron would understand that it implicates him as well if I was and he would card me and then write down my name and address in a ledger. When I asked him why he was doing that, he reported that this has always been their practice. I very diplomatically told him not to lie to me, it was not my first time purchasing anything firearms related at that particular Dicks Sporting Goods store. This clerk did not liked to be called a liar even though I didnt directly say it but implied it.

This particular Dicks store also kept me from making a purchase around the holidays because the clerk reported that the NICS system was down and it would probably not be back up and running until after the New Years and probably not until late February.

Are you noticing a bizzarre pattern here? Before Newtown before the federal government’s obsession with taking away our Second Amendment rights while they purchase more ammunition, I was a star customer at the Dicks Sporting Goods in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and after Newtown I was treated like garbage.

So I tried the Dicks in Deptford, New Jersey and the clerk there began telling me the same tall tale that it would take several months for the completion of the sale, in other words they would take my money up front and then three months later tell me I can take the firearm home. I looked at the guy like he was nuts and he became very antagonistic with me. What is with Dicks treating customers like crap for something that happened four hours away at another state that had nothing to do with the customer in front of them?

So yours truly decided to attempt other Dicks. I attempted the one in Philadelphia and they were friendly, I made a purchase and left there feeling like the good and blessed human being I was born as, in other words, a satisfied customer.

You might say, of course, you were in Pennsylvania. I beg to differ. I went to the Dicks Sporting Goods in Plymouth Meeting, you know, the place that had all those signs on the highway, Romney for President (are you kidding me?). I tried to make a purchase there and the guy would pick up the phone, they would have him on hold, supposedly and he would hang up and say, that PICS was busy and he would keep trying. He would pick up the phone and hang up, pick up and hang up. He told me to come back when the background check had gone through. I suspected this clown was not on the level with me, because when you call PICS you are supposed to stay on the line dummy! So he was either an idiot or doing this deliberately. Needless to say, a sale was not completed and I did not walk away a happy customer from the DICK’s in Plymouth Meeting (Romney country)! Can you believe these clowns called me two months later saying my purchase was ready to be paid for?! Either way, the schizophrenic chain store won in the end because I was able to make a purchase at the Dicks in Willow Grove. In fact I would like to say kudos to the guy who did everything correctly including staying on the phone with PICS and leaving me a happy customer.

Unfortunately, Dicks Sporting Goods gets low scores for lack of consistency in customer satisfaction. I once stopped in at the Dicks near Phoenixville where the clerk was less than welcoming because I wanted ONE box of ammo, ONE BOX! Thats it! Then I was asked for my identification and yet they knew they were wrong because one of the clerks apologized afterwards and I cordially thanked him.

So if I were using a rating system of five gold stars, Dicks would have  one gold star. I welcome everyone else here to share their stories with Dicks Sporting Goods when it comes to purchasing firearms. It could very well be a positive experience, I welcome it. I am just curious to know other people’s experiences with this schizophrenic outfit and perhaps together we can move mountains.


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  1. “So if I were using a rating system of five gold stars, Dicks would have one gold star.”

    After Dick’s actions following Newtown, people who support the 2nd Amendment should boycott Dick’s. Don’t give them any money.


    • I agree with you 100 percent. Their behavior was despicable to say the least. How does criminalizing customers make good business practice, I dont know, but where are currently living in a time where standard business practices dont apply, meaning that successful companies fail and failing companies succeed. How? Government intervention. I stopped going to Dicks for the simple reason that I got tired of being told they had no ammo available every single time I went.

    • Hi there free, visit me at my new home at, I continue to write a blog there and you are welcomed to subscribe to it.

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