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What Do I Need to Do? I Was Fired Today

May 3, 2013

I was on my way to conduct some “pop-up” visits with “consumers” which I sometimes affectionately have called parasites when I received a phone call from my job and I missed the call before I could answer and then the phone rang again and it was in-Human Resources who was saying something about needing to talk to me. I was half listening while I was working on getting to where I was going when I realized that I was being fired, over the phone! Has anybody ever been fired over the phone? Doesn’t that go against some professional code of ethics? The charge was “fraud”. I asked for specifics and the head of in-Human Resources reported that she cannot get into the specifics of the fraud but I could rest assured that they did a thorough investigation otherwise they wouldn’t fire me. Thank God, they did a thorough investigation of something they refuse to share with me, otherwise they will not fire me, I can rest easy then, this is fair as is this termination via telephone while in the middle of performing my duties in the field. I eventually felt like the worst loser. When you are fired people act like the middle ages where you are this diseased individual and they don’t want to get the disease of being fired. I asked if I could come in to get my personal affects and I was asked to give her a list, in other words, no I cant come in to pick them up myself. Lets see, I have worked there for three and a half years, nothing evil came of me coming in to the building for three and a half years, in fact, they encouraged me to come into a building I dreaded coming into for three and a half years and now I cannot come in for one more time to get my things. Meanwhile, they have an open door policy for the public to come in, as a result of this rule, women have had their things stolen from their offices, but I cannot come in for one more time to get my things and my last check. I feel so secure that they did a thorough investigation on this alleged fraud. I couldn’t understand it how two months prior, the assistant director told me that I was doing a good job with getting all the required units. But suddenly I am a fraud.

So here I am pacing at almost two thirty in the morning. “I’m going to have to give up this apartment. I’m going to have to give up this apartment. I’m going to this and that and this/that.” The chatter doesn’t stop and its nightmarish at around two thirty in the morning especially when I am so exhausted and with neck and shoulder pain where I accumulated the three and a half years of unnecessary stress at my former job. It is now officially two twenty-five in the morning and the chatter just does not stop. My head is like a mental asylum at this time.

No advice that I received from people today helps. You cant meditate. You cant exercise. Your constantly hungry. I did manage to bathe and lets see, I just took three deep breaths. I did pray but the prayer had these words in it, “Oh, what a joyful experience it is to know that you, God, are on my side! To know that God’s presence is the truth of my being.” Imagine hearing me reciting that particular verse with a somber and miserable tone. I am not having a joyful experience at this time and I am not quite clear if God is on my side. To see my wife crying today when she heard the news. This woman is my angel, she shouldn’t be crying, she has already gone through something rough about a month ago and the blessed creature responsible for my termination knew this. Its interesting how she never offered her condolences when the rest of management did. This joyful experience knowing that God is on my side does not immediately deposit money into my bank account. None of that brings back my self-esteem which was randomly stolen from me by an unskilled bureaucrat that didn’t even have the courage to terminate me in person.

So here’s the advice that is helping and I hope it will help those of you working at non-profits that help people live off other people for these organizations eventually fire you when you start to realize how immoral they are, that is,  if you don’t leave first.

Do Just One Thing Today

And then do one thing tomorrow. And the next. That’s all. Just One Thing a day. If you do your thing, then feel good. You did it! Tomorrow you do the next thing. THATS ALL YOU NEED TO DO.

Some preliminaries: First, you need to sleep. Make sure you sleep 8 hours a day, every day. And you cant drink. Delete your news intake. You don’t need news now. Things are bad. But they aren’t as bad as they seem. The media lies everyday about how bad things are. Trust me.

And then do one solid thing each day.

Here are some possible “one things” (if you end up doing two on any given day, that’s fine just don’t push it):

Schedule a lunch with someone you haven’t seen in three years. Could be anyone. But it has to be someone you haven’t seen in three years. This injects new blood into the system. You need a total transfusion to get rid of the infected old blood.

READ. Spend a day educating yourself on a topic you don’t know anything about (i.e. homesteading or preserving your personal security). Get a book and read all about it and make sure its useful and practical, opens you up to new information on how the world operates. Make sure its something you can begin implementing right away even if its on a small scale and then wait until tomorrow. You did your one thing for today. Be proud.

Wake up early or late if you haven’t gotten your full 8 hours sleep, take a shower, wear a suit, go into the city, and walk around. Smell that freshness on you. It makes you feel as if you are ready for anything. And you are. That’s all you need to do that day. Heck, grab that significant other and go to a museum. No significant other? No worries, go to the museum anyway. You wont have this opportunity for freedom forever.

2013-05-01 18.51.22

GRATITUDE. Make a list of the people you have worked with over the past ten years, its okay if you are unable to pull up anybody past four years. These days our work environments, especially here in the Northeastern part of the United States are very cutthroat and full of gossip, at least in the socialist field of the non-profit world that helps people live off the government from cradle to grave. So just make a list of as many people you can think of whether they go back ten years or not, but try to go back ten years. Email them and tell them why you were grateful you worked with them. Ask them sincerely how they are doing. This is one of the most important things on this list. Why? Because a network increases in value the more nodes it has. Everyone you’ve ever come in contact with is a node in the network. But many of those nodes have weakened due to lack of care. When you remind them who you are through the sincere gratitude you feel, it strengthens that node. And when a node is strengthened in a network, the value of the network increases exponentially.

SLASH. Make a list of all expenses you can slash. For example, right away I switched my phone number to my wife’s phone and cancelled the other line. Since we are going to be spending more time together there is no reason to continue having two separate phones. Don’t be afraid to drastically change your life. My wife and I have contemplated the idea of moving to the rest of Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky and the Republic of Colombia. Everything is open. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sell your house! Inform your landlord in writing you will be moving out in thirty days and find a cheaper place. Do whatever you can to buy yourself some time. Try to do freelance jobs. Your life will change for the better but it needs time to change. I know I am no longer at that employment because it had its run, it no longer served, but as a responsible person I didn’t want to just leave without having another job in its place. Your goal with “Slash” is to buy yourself time, whatever it costs. Whatever you have to do. You need time. Enough “time” and you have bought yourself freedom.

LUNCH. Have lunch with one person in your industry or the industry you are interested in making your new career. This may take some thought if you are in the middle of a career change but you are not sure what you are changing it to. You definitely want to know what career you plan to pursue. Give it some thought. Have your ideas ready for that person. Have him critique your ideas. Learn.

RECONNECT. Contact other people who used to work at your old company whether its the last one you were at or the one before that. Maybe they even worked there ten years ago. Reconnect. Come up with ideas for them.

WRITE. Write a book in the next three days. You can write a 30 page book about dieting and put it on sale on Amazon in one day. Why not? The traditional book industry is over. Make it funny. Time to dominate the publishing industry while you are unemployed. Today make a list of all the possible 30 page books you could do. Then tomorrow start one of the books. As I write this I am in the process of writing a book called “100 Ways to Lose 3 Pounds in 3 Days”. I plan to get it done and published by this Saturday.

RESENTMENT. You are going to feel resentful about people at your old job. They wronged you. But listen closely: they are just trying to survive also. They aren’t different from you and me, no matter how much you feel they wronged you. You don’t have to love them. But don’t waste time hating them. If anything, write them a note thanking them and noting some of their good qualities. This keeps them, in a subtle way, in your network. Worst case (and maybe best case) you never hear from them again.

BRAINSTORM. Go completely in a different direction. What other industry can you work in? What other location can you live in? Make up the wildest fantasies about what you can do. Like opening up a hotel in a beautiful beach community in Colombia. Keep going until there is one possible direction you can execute on today. Brainstorm what blog you can do (and what products you can sell on the blog). Brainstorm about housekeeping (anybody need a housekeeper this weekend?) Brainstorm about house sitting for a real estate agent (any real estate agents need me to house sit for them until the property sells?) Brainstorm about being a precious metals dealer, which by the way I am (anybody looking to buy silver?) But brainstorm for an hour and some slice of reality might peak through.


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