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Global Warming 101

January 20, 2013

The confusion in the argument is not understanding the difference between CO and CO2. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a benign gas and as such is not a byproduct or pollutant but an intended result of energy production. The more efficiently one combusts a hydrocarbon, the more CO2 one produces. This is one reason why advocates of “energy efficiency” as a global warming solution havent quite perfected their argument.

CO2 was previously most infamous for its cruel imposition of the vicious cycle of photosynthesis upon our floral friends, forcing them to produce oxygen which we fauna then selfishly inhale, only to heartlessly exhale more CO2.

While SUVs and power plants garner the most media and environmentalist attention, combustion emissions contribute about 2 percent of greenhouse gases currently keeping our atmosphere habitable. This bears repeating: of all the factors causing climate change, manmade greenhouse gases are a tiny fraction of one factor.

Most greenhouse gases are produced by “natural” processes. Still, “greenhouse warming” theory vows that man’s marginal contribution will tip the atmospheric system into some disequilibrium producing delirious climate change (the “tipping point” claim, which assumes, again, that climate was once stable).

But man’s emissions are chemically indistinguishable from nature’s own (assuming, as do the greens and Kyoto, that man is not part of nature). Earth itself varies wildly in terms of relative volume of GHGs it produces or releases each year. Somehow, by this thinking, the planet treats man’s contribution to greenhouse gases differently. So the argument goes.


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