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C-I-Aint Free In The Land of Liberty

November 28, 2012

“An individual, a political party, or a government in office can be seriously injured or destroyed by exposure of covert assistance from CIA”. These were the words written in the Report of the Covert Operations Study Group in December 1, 1968 by the Central Intelligence Agency. So these people know that what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway and their main concern is not to get caught by the public. How would you the reader feel if you knew that Richard Nixon hired people like Marine Lieutenant General Robert Cushman, CIA director Richard Helms all working to spy on North Americans? You werent alive back then? Well, what about if I told you that they are continuing to do it now? What if I told you that during the Nixon years alone there were nearly forty covert operations approved for the CIA to carry out? Would that bother you? Does it bother you at all that our government secretly manipulates politics in other countries? Would you mind if other countries were manipulating politics here?

What if I told you that in 1969 President Nixon wiretapped private citizens to stop news leaks and to control the flow of information inside the government? Would that bother you? Do you even care? I am sure it bothers those whose job it is to report on what is going on in the world, after all they went to college and made it their career. Does it bother you that Henry Kissinger, a man that no U.S. citizen ever voted for to be in our government used the CIA to spy on North American citizens? Wait a minute! I thought the CIA wasnt allowed to engage in domestic policing.

During the antiwar movement, Henry Kissinger used the CIA and made it his business to know who were the antiwar movement leaders. How about that? Our tax dollars were being utilized by a government hired agent to get paid with your tax dollars to find out who in the heck was trying to demand peace on earth? Something we pray for every year around Christmas, but barely ever mean, otherwise we would be indicting Henry Kissinger, Richard Helms and Richard Nixon on all kinds of crimes against humanity not to mention violations of the United States Constitution and the Geneva convention. So yes my friend Henry Kissinger made a specific request for CIA files on North American citizens and the record shows that there was no hesitation on the part of Richard Helms to hand this information over to Mr. “I have a God complex” Kissinger who wanted to know which “useless eater” was trying to establish peace on earth. Would you call these activities on the part of Mr. Kissinger useful? Does this help you live a life of liberty, justice and peace? I hardly think so, in fact, I find these activities on the part of Mr. Kissinger, useless. Now would you believe that since 1962, three successive presidents have ordered the director of central intelligence to spy on North Americans, regardless of the CIA charter? Richard Nixon believed that all presidential action is legal in the realm of national security. Its a catch all phrase to carry on the work of Satan and Richard Nixon and Richard Helms did that very well. So if the president does it then that makes it not illegal. So folks if Richard Nixon worshipped the devil, that was okay too and it seems like he did, arent there photos of him at Bohemian Grove?

Some of you may be as young as I am to even be bothered with Nixon but you may be old enough to remember another son of Satan, George W. Bush who fully embraced this interpretation of presidential power, rooted in the divine right of kings. Perhaps this is why he got knighted, another violation of the United States Constitution. I get the feeling that presidents from Eisenhower on up to this day could give a damn about the United States Constitution. We can at least agree that Richard Helms and the Central Intelligence Agency could give a damn about it. But you know its one thing for a president to issue an order to spy on its own citizens, and quite another for an unelected useless eater like Henry Kissinger to do so in the president’s name.

To be continued…

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