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Understanding Peace in the Middle East

November 21, 2012

From its inception the CIA has set out to try to convert, coerce, and control governments throughout Asia and the Middle East. Some may say it started with wanting to spy on communist Russia and yes this is true but countries like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany only served as competition to the United States Empire and as far as dominating the world well, in the immortal words of George Carlin, “bullshit thats our fuckin’ job!” I dont write that statement to be rude but to bring the point home that Moscow served as a threat in terms of global dominance and not so much its communist ideals. Wall Street and the federal government and the CIA could care less whether we live in a communist society. They care more about world domination and the orgasms they get from toppling nation-states. Of course we cant forget about the money, its all about the money too, billions of barrels of oil money.

Any Muslim political chief from the beginning of the CIA’s Middle East operations were to pledge allegiance to the United States or be a target. These were the words uttered by Archie Roosevelt, station chief of Turkey and cousin to Kim Roosevelt, the CIA’s near east czar and I have a feeling although I havent researched it that both are probably family members of Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA agent responsible for toppling the Mossadeq in Iran which inspired the destruction of Guatemala by ousting through a faked coup its president Jacobo Arbenz just like they had ousted Mossadeq.

In the late 50s the CIA delivered guns, money and intelligence to King Saud of Saudi Arabia, King Hussein of Jordan, President Camille Chamoun of Lebanon, and President Nuri Said of Iraq. So if you want to know who is who in this war going on in Hamas, you need to know who is the CIA backing? What is the agenda in the region? This can also help us understand what happened with the ambassador in Benghazi. We need to find out who is on the CIA payroll in the region. This would also help us understand why there is war in Syria and why that nations president is being seen as the bad guy by the corporate-CIA controlled mass media. You see the CIA has to have a “pro-North American” leader in Syria like the one they installed back in 1949, colonel Adib Shishakli. He had direct North American military assistance along with covert financial aid. So again we need to ask ourselves questions that need to become part of our thought process when watching the news in regards to the Middle East. Who is receiving North American military assistance? Who is receiving covert financial aid? The CIA and the SIS attempted to incite a coup in Syria back in March of 1955. Half a million pounds to Syrian army officers, but the CIA did not get its coup and instead pushed Syria closer to the Soviets and this forced the North Americans and British to postpone their plan at the end of October 1956. This is important information to have when you are hearing whats going on in the news in regards to Syria. Without these pieces of the missing puzzle you will be manipulated and coerced into coming to conclusions that work against your best interests assuming that my reader is interested in freedom, peace and personal liberty.

Way back in 1957 documents confirm that the CIA and the (SIS) British Secret Intelligence Service would manufacture “national conspiracies and various strong-arm activities” in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and blame them on Syria. Government destabilization and invasion by Western forces is what the CIA and the SIS has for your country of origin no matter where your ancestors are from. To do with the sovereign nation from which your ancestors came from whatever they damn well please. The CIA will send one of their agents, such as a Rocky Stone, thats right, that was the mans actual name; such an agent would be sent to your country to befriend officers in your countrys military the way Rocky Stone did in Syria to convince and prepare it for a North American backed coup. In the case of Rocky Stone, Abdul Hamid Serraj, the man he was supposed to depose in Syria saw through him in a matter of weeks and a sting operation was set up by the Syrians. The Syrian officers took the CIA’s money and then went on Syrian national television and ratted the man out and Curtis F. Jones, a State Department employee had to go to Syria to clean up the CIA’s mess. The Syrians got ahold of Rocky Stone, roughly interrogated him and publicly identified him as a North American spy posing as a diplomat, a veteran of the CIA’s coup in Iran, and a conspirator with Syrian army officers and politicians to overthrow the government in exchange for millions of dollars in North American aid. This event had consequences that reverberate up to this day and this is why I am sharing this information with you. You cannot make heads or tails of whats going on in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East without this history.

Do you think that after this event someone in Washington would admit they screwed up? No of course not, the name of the game in Washington is called saving face. What they did was to expel the Syrian ambassador to Washington and then proceed to denounce what Syria discovered as “fabrications” and “slanders”.

As a result of these kinds of operations, North America’s reputation plummeted in Damascus and Soviet military and political influence grew. So we need to be clear that these Middle Eastern countries dont hate us because we are a free market capitalist country, they hate us because the CIA is over there trying to destroy their nation and through this evil operations we pushed these people more towards communism. Here is a country, Syria, whom we have never been able to regain its trust in North America and our so called leaders in Washington are still trying to fight them instead of asking for forgiveness and making peace with Syria, but then I guess you first have to have an emotion called shame to do that and in Washington and Langley these folks seem to have absolutely no shame in their game.

We need to read and educate ourselves so we can understand what is fed to us on the news every night in order to analyze these events appropriately and not make conclusions that go against freedom and peace and you can start this by clicking on any of the books to the right of this article, purchasing them and reading them.


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