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You Cant Demand Government Intervention and Keep Your Liberty Too

October 25, 2012

The Commerce Clause has been used often by government to control the businesses of private citizens. The Commerce Clause basically says that Congress can regulate nearly any activity for any reason it chooses. What ever happened to a government of limited power? Well my friends, if you listen to the things some of my co-workers at the non-profit I work for say, it seems that people actually believe our government was created to control every aspect of our lives.

A lot of people firmly believe that its okay for government to intervene and tell businesses not to discriminate to protect the rights of racial and ethnic groups. However, when you open up that can of worms called government intervention, it is not just one sided. You cant go to government and say make this business wheelchair accessible or accessible to certain ethnic groups and then cry foul play when that same government tells you that your Medicaid is going to get cut or that your business cannot operate without a specific and very expensive license. You wanted government intervention, you got government intervention.

Someone will then pose the question, what do we do about a business that discriminates? Do we allow it to just go on? No, you vote with your dollars and your feet, meaning you take yourself and your hard earned income to a business that will not discriminate. You cannot force yourself on anyone ever, its inappropriate to try to control other peoples behavior. The best that can be done is opening up your own business that does not discriminate, but of course with government intervention, that becomes difficult because depending on the business, it may be expensive to start your own or you may not want to start your own, but you may not have the choice of soliciting another business that doesnt discriminate because its expensive for more people to get into that particular type of business thanks to government regulations.

So while I went to college and learned about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and support it one hundred percent, I do not support Title II of the Act which violates our First Amendment rights by forcing us to associate with people we may personally not want to associate. That is unconstitutional on its face and I guarantee that neither mandatory segregation nor mandatory association will work to make our nation a freer or more loving society. The purpose of government laws is to protect and preserve our freedoms not to engage in behavior modification. And yes that includes the freedom to discriminate and not associate with certain groups of people. As it stands now, I look around me and I see West Africans who only associate with their own ethnic group outside of work, I see white-Americans in Pennsylvania who still only associate with their own ethnic group and have never had a peer of my ethnic background in their personal lives and I can go on and on citing examples based on my observation. So has forced association on the part of government worked? Of course not, it has only worked to give government more control over our lives. Only a free society can some day choose to associate outside of their comfort zone when they are good and ready.

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