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Fake 100 dollar bill issued by Wal-Mart Costs Family Austerity Measures for the Month

September 18, 2012

Ladies and gentleman when you go to Wal-Mart try not to ask for cash back and if you do, make sure you have one of those pens that can verify all your bills are “authentic” or have watermarks. Wal-Mart issued a fake 100 dollar bill to a poor family and then took no responsibility for it because the lady had “left the store”. Unfortunately, the woman did not ask to see this policy in writing and she is not going to pursue a lawsuit and it looks like although its national news, Wal-Mart is not going to have to answer to the feds for engaging in counterfeiting. Perhaps this could be because the Federal Reserve System is the biggest counterfeiter of all, printing more paper money then there are gold reserves to back it up. Unfortunately, in this era there are no longer enough people in the United States old enough to remember that paper currency is supposed to be backed with the gold that a nations banks has in reserve, that is, after all, what gives that paper its value.

Thanks to Quantitative Easing part three, gas prices have already soared and the US dollar lost three percent of its value this month alone and the current purchasing power of one US dollar is only 0.17 cents as of this writing.

I can relate to this woman from Wal-Mart who is down 100.00 USD as I recently had to fork over another one hundred bucks to a panel physician of the US Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia because unfortunately, my wife and I were not aware that these panel physicians do their best to get more money out of folks who are in a time crunch to get their immigrant visas and cannot complete the interview process without the medical examinations being signed off. This is another topic that I have addressed in another article and I do offer my services for anybody legitimately trying to bring their spouses into the United States. You can feel free to contact me at and I can go over fees and assess if I am the guy who can help you.

These are the signs of the times that the Austrian school of economics has warned the globe about and nobody is listening and not enough people are making an attempt to educate themselves and so we suffer. Right now in Spain, hundreds of its citizens are conducting “corralitos” bank runs as people suddenly distrust their banks which I personally think is a day late and most of them are probably a dollar short. But then again, generally speaking, bank runs only occur after a depression has already weakened confidence. I guess our depression here in the United States has not weakened confidence or could it be that folks don’t even realize we are in a depression. One of the many things that this writer is doing to prepare for the inevitable collapse of the dollar is ploughing through the works of Ludwig von Mises, in particular, his book called Human Action. I highly recommend that preparedness for the worse is the key to success. Unlike the unprepared lady at Wal-Mart in Michigan who mistook an enemy for a friend, please bring one of those counterfeit markers with you next time you go to Wal-Mart or any franchise business and double-check that all the cash you get back is authentic just like they do when you hand them your bills. On my shopping list for today, a black marker that verifies whether our counterfeit dollars was counterfeited by the Federal Reserve or counterfeited by someone else. Unfortunately, right now only Federal Reserve counterfeits are allowed and so our economy continues to suffer. Be well and educate yourself and prepare yourself and support my work with any donations you can provide. Thank you in advance.

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