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Who is this Colombia Reports online news?

September 8, 2012

Recently, I have had the wonderful convenience of keeping relatively informed on whats going on in the Colombia economy through Colombia Reports.  As an out of work writer, or rather out of work in what I enjoy doing, and an underfunded blogtalkradio presenter, I thought, hey this is pretty neat perhaps I can do some freelance writing for Colombia Reports. So I searched for a link such as jobs or employment and the closest thing I could find was “volunteer”. I thought okay then I will volunteer, get some exposure and just find a day job in Medellín. Yes it is the home of the recently assassinated Griselda Blanco and the home of the Ochoas family who by the way were listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the worlds top billionaires. This goes to show you that Forbes has no morals and they will cover a story on any billionaire no matter how they got their money. People also forget if a Colombian cartel has billions in U.S. dollars, well, doesnt that translate into trillions in pesos?

Anyway, as I am reading about how to volunteer for Colombia Reports, I notice that there is a seventy-five dollar fee. In Colombian pesos that amounts to 129.900 pesos. Great, so I am going to drop everything and move to the home of the cocaine drug lords, Medellín hand over close to 130 thousand pesos to an unknown news internet site while I struggle to find a day job and a place to live and figure my way around the city. Does this sound like an offer I cant refuse to anyone?

So I decided to look into this Colombia Reports that I have been reading for the past couple of days and I am so grateful to wikipedia for coming through. The best source of information I could find on Colombia Reports is that it is an internet news site started by a Dutch journalist named Adriaan Alsema who apparently started it back in 2008 and I guess its just now picking up speed because I read a lot and do a lot of internet searches and I never came across it before. I am always leery of media sources that all of a sudden start making it big such as the Alex Jones show and now this Colombia Reports especially when they say that their source of funding is from donations and advertising. Well ladies and gentleman I have my own radio program and I have offered advertising and requested donations and as of this writing I have not aired anymore programming because the amount of response that I got was overwhelmingly low.

Could this be the markets or could this be that I am not affiliated with an independent news producer who owns a precious metals investment company who has affiliated to a major network? Well, what about our new discovery Adriaan Alsema? Who funds him? Such a nice website that he owns is only through advertisement and private donations? How did he get it off the ground in the first place? Why isnt this information public? I love the way wikipedia puts certain things on the website of Colombia Reports in quotations such as:  “independent” and “not affiliated with any political or social organization.” The person who contributed that to Wikipedia must know something or must suspect something as much as I do, especially when a volunteer is being asked to drop everything and move to a new city and work for free and pay the person he or she will be working for. But it gets worse, you are asked to only work for one or two months but you can stay on for three or four months. If Mr. Alsema had any decency he would at least pay each volunteer one ounce gold coin for his troubles.


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